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Successful client outcomes

M Barc Investment Group manages to solve critical business financing issues by providing a best-in-class approach with a quality team. When it comes to the evolution of their organizations, our clients are no strangers to innovation. We help make this process easier by fostering collaboration and executive engagement. Read our success stories below.

Altathera Pharmaceuticals

Alternatve Therapies. Together

AltaThera is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on identifying, acquiring, developing, and commercializing therapies addressing unmet medical needs of critical care patients and those with severe, and often rare, disorders for which few effective treatments are available. In March of 2014, M Barc closed on $ 500,000 of Series A-1 Preferred Units for Alta Thera Pharmaceuticals. In October of 2014, M Barc closed on $ 1,000,000 of Series A-2 Preferred Units for Alta Thera Pharmaceuticals. In July of 2015 M Barc closed on an initial offering of 1,000,000 of its authorized Series A-3 Preferred membership units to qualified investors for AltaThera Pharmaceuticals.


The Right Way to Roll

Another of M Barc Investment Group, Inc. clients is Rowheels, Inc. The company was founded in 2011 with the goal of developing the reverse propulsion wheel concept into a commercially viable product that could help users suffering from repetitive stress injuries of the shoulder. Current and in-development products are being designed to improve the quality of life of wheelchair users by keeping them healthy, active and independent. Their mission is to make the standard wheelchair wheel obsolete and Rowheels the norm. They understand that this won’t be easy but pushing propulsion is inefficient, uses poor biomechanics and is a major cause of shoulder injury and pain. In June of 2015 M Barc closed on $ 420,006 or 70,001 shares of Common Stocks for Rowheels.


A Company to Cure Diabetes

Endsulin (formerly Insulete) is a start-up company with to cure Type I Diabetes with Gene Therapy. Hans Sollinger, MD and Tausif Alam, PhD have discovered and patented a DNA sequence which is glucose responsive and promotes the activation of the human insulin gene in a physiological fashion. This gene is called Diatagene. They are the first ones to publish data demonstrating that glucose control, and insulin disappearance after glucose stimuli, follow an absolute perfect physiological pattern. Work performed in 2013 is focused on improvements of gene delivery and long-term expression. With approximately 5 million Type I diabetics in developed nations, there is a huge potential market as diabetics would require only a one-time single injection, and are expected to have much better glucose control. M Barc served as placement agent in a seed round for Endsulin, a gene therapy company testing a system to cure Type I diabetes in the estimated $500 million veterinary market.

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