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Regulation D, 506(c) Private Placement

Offering up to $20 Million

20,000 Preferred Units of $1000 each

11% Series A Noncumulative Preferred

Quarterly Cash Dividend

$100,000 minimum investment, available to accredited investors

Quarterly redemption option

July 2017

MFUEL FUNDING, LLC's primary goal is to profit from jet fuel and other fuel products in the aviation and land transportation industries.  The Company has initially focused on achieving interest income and capital appreciation through the acquisition of discounted accounts receivables that are currently held by aviation and transportation industry participants, such as select affiliates of the Manager, including but not limited to MercFuel, Inc.

Mercury Air Group, Inc., a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Delaware, serves as the manager of the Company (the “Manager”).  The Manager’s principal business offices are headquartered at 2780 Skypark Drive, Torrance, California 90505, and the Manager maintains business operations in more than 60 locations worldwide, with 1350 employees.

  • 11.0% Series A Non cumulative, Non-voting Preferred Units (“Preferred Units”)


  • Target offering size $20.0 million represented by 20,000 Preferred Units of $1,000 per Preferred Unit


  • Minimum investment:

    • Initial subscription          $100,000

  • Priority  

    • Liquidation preference of $1,000 per unit

    • Senior to all other classes and series existing or in future

    • No participation in any appreciation in value of the Company

  • Term      

    • Required hold period of one quarter

    • Quarterly redemption available thereafter


  • Insured by Atradius Trade Credit Insurance, Inc.


  • Distribution        

    • Preferential distribution of 11% per annum paid as cash on a quarterly basis as declared and authorized by the Manager

To receive further details and prospectus, please contact by email or telephone:

Rimas P. Buinevicius

Executive Vice President
Tel. (608) 213-1207


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