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OneEvent Technologies, Inc.


Series A-1 Preferred Stock Offering

Up to $5 Million

17,182,130 shares at $0.291

Accredited investors

Regulation D, 506(c) Private Placement

Winter 2018

OneEvent is a revenue generating technology company transforming the property and casualty insurance market.   Its patented A.I. software platform provides continuous IoT residential and commercial environmental monitoring and wirelessly transmits timely information to property owners, insurers and first responders through its OnePrevent™ system, preventing or reducing property damage, injury and loss of life from fires and other catastrophic events. Billions of dollars are spent annually on services to protect buildings, equipment and their occupants, but without analyzing the data in real time, it has been impossible to prevent events that could lead to loss of life or damage to buildings and their contents.  The OnePrevent™ system learns the intimate behavior of a building to understand what is normal, and creates immediate alerts when things are not.

OneEvent’s opportunities include licensing/data analytics, sensor equipment sales and recurring monitoring services. 


The current patent portfolio includes 11 issued patents and 14 pending patent applications. These patents include wireless sensor and alarm technology, and real-time data analytics that promise to save lives and to significantly reduce property losses.

OneEvent Technologies, Inc. is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Wisconsin.  The Company's principal business offices are headquartered in Wisconsin.

  • Series A-1 Non-cumulative, voting Preferred shares (“Preferred Units”)


  • Target offering size $5 million represented by 17,182,130 Preferred Shares at $0.291 per Preferred share


  • Minimum investment: $50,000

  • Pre-money valuation $15 Million


  • Priority  

    • Liquidation preference 

    • Senior to all other equity classes 

M Barc Investment Group, Inc. is acting as exclusive Placement Agent for this offering.  To receive further details and prospectus, please contact by email or telephone:

Rimas P. Buinevicius

Executive Vice President
Tel. (608) 213-1207


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